About Macrobug

Macrobug is a Cambridge, UK company that specialises in producing software tools to debug hard problems on complicated software systems. Our tools are designed to complement the traditional IDEs, by plugging in extra functionality which analyses the software behaviour to enable your engineers to solve the really hard bugs more quickly.

Our specialisms at the moment are Symbian OS and Linux mobile devices.

Do you have a hard bug you want solved? Do you have a tool you'd like to see written? Get in touch and we'll discuss the possibilities.


Right now, Macrobug is a very small company and isn't hiring too many people! But, if you're interested, get in touch and we'll call you in a few months or years when we start to take over the world.


Macrobug is always eager to partner with any like-minded companies. Please get in touch!


Want to know what's going on inside Macrobug's head? Want to know how we got started? Want to pick a name for the bug in the corner of this web page? Read our blog!