Macrobug Open Source

Macrobug relies on open-source software and would like to thank everyone who's ever contributed to any of it. Here are the small changes Macrobug has so far made to open source projects.


GCC-XML is a version of the GCC compiler which outputs an XML representation of the source code. The standard version of GCC-XML does not output the content of function bodies. There's a modified version which does so (hopefully, eventually, those changes will be merged into the standard GCC-XML). This modified version is maintained by Daniel Lauk and Bill McCartney, and can be found at this SourceForge page. Macrobug has made some fixes to that modified version, as well as some adjustments which are necessary to get it to work smoothly with the existing Symbian build system. Here you can download those changes as a patch against the 'main' function bodies codeline, or as a patch against the standard GCC-XML from CVS.

Please see this directory for downloads. You will find:

Update: I have also recently properly squirreled these changes away on a public Mercurial server - see This is probably now the best way to fetch gccxml-bodies code.


strace is a Linux/UNIX command which traces all the system calls made by another process. Macrobug has made some tweaks so that it can output details of the system calls used by the OpenBinder driver used for inter-process communication within Android.

Please see this directory for downloads. You will find patches against strace 4.5.15. These changes are extremely hacky and may not even compile properly! They were done ages ago on the first version of the Android emulator - I haven't had time to brush them up and make them work against the most recent emulator, let alone submit them to strace for official inclusion.

If you actually want to use this for anything, please get in touch and I'll be very happy to help make these patches work properly.

Contact us if you have any questions.